Your Monday afternoon new, damning Trump-Putin connection


What has the world come to that you can’t even trust a mercenary?


Maybe we should ask him to come back to America and answer some questions about that. Among other things. He’s still a citizen?


I live for this kind of news. Seriously, I just can’t have any happiness on a day without some Trump scandal or new revelation about a connection to Russia/Putin. Luckily there haven’t been many unhappy days since the inauguration. I sure do hope it adds up to something though…


Yeah, I know what you mean. After enough time has elapsed, you’ll get labeled a “truther” and people will make jokes about your tin foil hat being on too tight, as they get in line to eat soylent green.


I am shocked - shocked! - that there’s someone connected to this administration that doesn’t have ties to the Kremlin. I mean, I would be if that were the case, which it doesn’t appear to be.


2 weeks ago, Boing Boing posted a Gallup poll showing Trump’s approval at 37% and declared his approval “in the toilet” and in the comments I complained (as a professional data guy) that using a single poll for something as nebulous as Trump’s approval was bad science.

Let us now all bask in the glory of a trended, data science-approved net -13 approval for our Glorious Carrot Top:


secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

Why even bother? They already seem to have more channels than most premium cable subscriptions.


Why is the so-called under-resourced intelligence community messing around with surveillance of American citizens when they should be hunting terrorists?

Blackwater ARE terrorists.


sometimes in fiction, especially in comic books, you get this phenomenon where there are surprisingly few players in the world, and they are all cross-linked in far too many ways. I have generally looked on this as poor worldbuilding, or a side-effect of needing to have an unreasonable number of stories all centered on the same characters.

But does it not seem like everyone in the Trump administration is linked to each other in a half dozen different ways? Do we need to implement some kind of Caste Exchange Program so that the fantastically rich can meet some new people every once in a while?


the WaPo board is moving at light speed compared to this one…but I like this one:)


Imagine if the Trump administration tried to open as many channels of communication with the opposition party of their own country as they have with Moscow.


It’s been done. Check out this excerpt from the documentary film Putin’s Run:


Man, when Rasmussen has you at -16, you know you have a problem.


More damn rats! Every day, more damn rats!

Anecdotally called ‘Blackwater on the Potomac’, a private security service was providing 45 security during the election. Same guys? Nah, couldn’t be.


This has zero to do with the subject matter, but is a stab at some much needed levity.


I tend to think more along the lines of a brick or cement wall, and some last cigarettes… #sortofajoke


There’s a law prohibiting private diplomacy that Prince, Flynn, and at least one of the Trump sons could be charged with.


I saw a poll today on the CBS morning news. IIRC only 60% of the population thinks that it would be a problem if Grump colluded with Russia.

The sad conclusion that leads to is that we can not count on even the most venal russian quid pro quo being enough to take Grump out of office. And if it turns out to be less than off-the-charts enemy of the state stuff, then it will be like water off a duck’s back.

The russia stuff needs to be Plan B because its a crapshoot at best. We need a Plan A that doesn’t rely on gambling. The decreasing approval rating is good news, but even then what really matters is approval among people who voted for trump and that doesn’t seem be changing all that much. There is a lot of motivated reasoning in that group — heads grump wins, tails liberals lose.


This regime is unraveling piece by piece. I, for one, can´t wait to see the orange bastard move from the white house to the big house for high treason.