Trump approval hits new low


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Out of curiosity, why was this posted in #lounge instead of #boing?

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I’m looking for lines such as…

“Hit rock bottom and started shovelling”


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I don’t know.

I look forward to seeing the headline “Trump approval hits new low” many, many times over the next four years.




Just a temporary glitch. Trump’s rating will soar after he order a preemptive strike against North Korea’s bomb making and missile manufacturing sites, and he nationalizes the polling industry as part of the war effort.


Ideally I want him to be impeached before it can get any lower.


I’d much rather he – and his many co-conspirators – are indicted on federal charges soon. That would get rid of the whole lineup. Otherwise, we’re looking at Pence, and then things will actually get done (not good things).


I’m guessing this latest fall was due to his blundering, blustering performance as the ACA repeal attempt came to a head. There was stuff there for both ACA supporters and opponents to despise, and to cap it he attacked conservatives and said he’d be willing to work with democrats to fix things.

I’m surprised the “family ties” stuff – Ivanka, Kushner in the White House, Eric & Donald Jr. running the business – hasn’t gotten more play. A determined reporter could find all sorts of objectionable stuff there.

I’m hoping in the future that the trend on the approval graph looks something like this:


Fake news.

Also: pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.


It’s a lot nicer to look forward to than “Trump hits new low”, which we will probably see many more times than we would like.


Saw a funny tweet that said congress should not confirm Gorsuch as the new Justice in the last year of his presidency


Trump approval hits new low



I am totally stealing that.


Good point, I should set my sights higher! He’s had a non negligible effect on the rest of the party, at least some of whom are complicit in his crimes. I think there’s a republican saying about poisoned skittles that applies.


Go for it…i stole it and wish i could give that person credit


Keep the momentum going Donny! Go for the record lowest rating ever!


TRUMP: “It’s true. I personally ejaculated on every fifth MAGA cap.”

SUPPORTER: “Oh, God, we need to buy more. It’s the only way we can be sure we have his dunna.”