Psychiatric association tells members they can comment publicly on Trump's mental state


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Time for #fakenews from that dammed liberal doctor cabal, amirite?


Can we all agree there are only two opinions regarding 45’s mental state:

Trump-supporter: HE’S AMAZEBALLS!!!
Everyone else: He’s freaking bonkers.


Prediction: Fox News will keep a conservative psychiatrist on payroll to trot out whenever some enemy needs to be officially declared insane.


In my experience, those are rare as unicorns, and twice as expensive.


If their opposition shills currently on the network are any indicator, she will be hot.


Welp. I guess this will come in handy.


With credentials off the table they are a dime a dozen.
One needs only look to their other “experts.”


Well, that’s good news and all, but like Dylan said you don’t need a weatherman…


Oh, they’ll trot out a unicorn too!


Hey Guys. I don’t want to be a party pooper here, but it’s Psychoanalytic assoc. not Psychiatric assoc. The latter has still the ban in place. Psychoanalysis is not an exact science, so this announcement is kind of meaningless.


In that, as with climate change or Swiftboating, you can always find a contrary opinion, and just the existence of a dissenting opinion representing 3% of the community will somehow equalize the other 97%. (Although the 3/97 figure applies to climate change; with politics I somehow think the crazy/normal ratio will increase to 15/85.)

There will be Libertarian/Republican psychologists trotted out on Fox who find that Trump is perfectly sane and Hillary/Obama were raging psychopaths. (And they’ll be sure to do it first, to get a jump on all the normal media!)


Hmmm… upon careful analysis, the patient presents anti-social, scatological allusions coupled with a deep-seated, yawning existential enuii.

Nurse! Clear my schedule!


Psychiatric association tells members they can comment publicly on Trump’s mental state

Gosh, I feel terrible that I was having all the fun, now they can join in too!


“That responsibility is especially great today… since Trump’s behavior is so different from anything we’ve seen before” in a commander in chief.”

They may have to come up with some NEW psychiatric terminology for what ails this prez. Any suggestions?


Ugh, I really hate when psychoanalysis is mistaken for psychiatry. There was a time when it was considered to be, but that ceased to be the case starting ~70 years ago.

Perhaps one day the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association will permit members to comment on Trump’s mental health, but I doubt that will ever happen.


We all get BINGO!!! Yay!


Like scientists who deny climate change, you only need to find one…


We need a term for that yellow slime mold on his head that has roots growing deep into his brain.

Seriously, I think dementia should be on that bingo card somewhere.


I am waiting for the Psychic and Psychotic associations to chime in.