Psychiatric association tells members they can comment publicly on Trump's mental state


This is misleading. The American Psychological Association is a distinct organization and much more influential (175k members) than that of the American Psychoanalytic Association (3k). This write-up is really easy to confuse with the actual APA. Additionally it’s even less influential than the American Psychiatric Association (“little apa”, @ 36k members).

While there’s plenty of reasons to dislike this president, let’s not just remove things from context and potentially misinform people.


With a fair %of the pop still favoring him… perhaps he could be diagnosed with “beingtherephrenia”?





You beat me by that much.
I guess we can’t see too many pictures of that guy. :grimacing:


Just sayin, Trump can afford good makeup talent.




Ugh that desktop. All those icons. Sad.


It’s all the same file.
He’s dowloaded it 48 times and still can’t find it!


Go shrinks!


DSM-VI: Orange Lowlife Dickhead Syndrome.
See: Ted Nugent, Donald J. Trump, deer tick.


Going to need to add a new code to the DSM-VI (in addition to JackFrost’s suggestion above): Babbling Shit-Gibbon Syndrome
See: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, et al


Many a time have I set someones desktop background to a .bmp of a screenshot of an awful desktop.


Thank you, I was reading this just to make that point. This is an APA, but not the APA.

I would have been ruder to psychoanalysts though.


And the headline is wrong there, too.

Psychiatrists are evidence-based physicians who specialise in the treatment of behavioural disorders.

Psychotherapists are quacks who specialise in defrauding and molesting their patients.


But psychiatry is?


Psychoanalysis is not an exact science.


Oh god no! But… well psychiatry is a science in the way of a lot of medicine is. A lot of tinkering is needed, and sometimes it still doesn’t work.

Psychoanalysis is a science in the way phrenology is. Namely it’s not.


Saw a picture taken a while back of Trump’s mother. Either his hair is genetically influenced or he has serious mommy issues.


Anyone know who is int he pictures on his walls?