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A bit of ice. One of Bannon’s beloved pudding cups, carelessly discarded. It could be over so quickly.




He the perfect face to appear under the sign mental…What does Mental really mean…Does the sign suggest a slur against mental illness…or is it a statement that he is a specimen of mental curiosity in want of study? Regardless It’s fake! every thing is fake, he’s a flake…or rather a fake. Who knows with mess that a minority of people placed in power


So, how IS the stock market etc reacting to drumpf, anyways?

I mean, I get that everyone is just waiting for the storm to pass, but…normally shit fluctuates wildly when idiots like this get their tendrils into too much.

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Why does Trump’s tie cover his pee pee?


I for one, am determined to ride this shit term out like a boss trash panda fucking raccoon on the back of a trash truck. :tophat::100:


Disappointed you can’t see it?

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Interesting you ask. It’s up, but weird up. The traditional “good investments” of blue chip, federal and international bonds and safe income are down or flat (municipal bonds are mixed). while tech, communication and social media are up, sometimes way up, but not bubble type gains. Escapism (games and media), that which enables cocooning (Amazon, ISPs other than Comcast), marijuana penny investment and non-fossil fuel energy and products are up. Mining services, oil field services and oil companies are down or flat. REal estate & development is flat. Health insurance companies are down; security services (including private prisons and services for them) are much more down than up (including Eric Prince’s follies). Booze is generally down. Pharma, however, is up. Commodities futures are all over the place, though FCOJ is in perpetual decline. (Bacon is likely to be more expensive in two months, and it’s high right now. Don’t expect the McRib any time soon.) India, South America, Korea and Canada are doing pretty well; the UK is more stable than it has been, but EU, China and Japan are more fragile than I’d like. Oh, and interesting here – any company that got a 45 attack had a bad day or two, but is now significantly above where it was when the attack happened, and companies that have been attacked in the last couple weeks are either not losing ground at all on day of attack, or are gaining signficantly and maintaining the gains. I don’t follow banks or card services, and I have a long list of boycott and divests.

My read on the market is the market pretty much says that if the current admin has ties to it, the market isn’t interested. The market is very interested in those things which enable resisting the current admin, or which have limited contact with the admin. They’re actively rewarding anything that tells 45 to go fuck himself. The market is done with 45.

(I manage my late grandmother’s estate, including a lot of investments. I have trained myself to mess with it no more than once a month (and today was fix anything failing day) unless I know something is wonky as hell. Instead, I keep three investment portfolios (one actual, one conservative, one proactive) in three different stock games to keep an eye on it. I average 20% ROI per year, compared to the 2% chewed by fees when I took over from the former manager. Since I’m just managing the trust now, not trying to keep her in a nursing home, I have more freedom. But I only check the games every day, once a day, after close or before open, and I’m mostly looking at trends and sectors, not individuals. I keep almost everything in ETFs, but I’ve spent a couple years dumping a bunch of traditional funds because they’re not even meeting market index benchmark.)


If I could/had Photoshop, I’d change it to “metal” and put them in Black Metal facepaint.


tRump doesn’t deserve to be black metal cool.

Could you put him in a babby bonnet and nuk?


So Trump was expected to show up at the Munich security conference (live now). He didn’t show. Pence is there instead. Hm…


Dungeon Keeper Bile Demon face! Haha! Do it again!

Probably a good thing.

It’s easier to fight a guy than a pack of wild baboons.


There’s no transcript yet, but Pence just said something like “we are not responsible to elections or kings, but only to our creator”. I mean, sweet jesus (yeah, I realize the dichotomy).


I mean, if he constrains himself to a well-studied philosophy that’s easy to pick apart… That also conflicts with the intent of the framers… That’s beating them by their own game. But pence isn’t tRump.


As I said elsewhere, at least Pence is calculable (is that a word) evil. Trump, as shown by his recent press conference, is just off-the-wall plain nuts bonkers. Hard to say which is worse. Lawful evil might be more effective, but chaotic evil (D&D reference, wink wink) might defeat itself earlier. We’ll see. Hell, we’ll HAVE to see.


I think we have left chaotic evil to fester too long already.

At least lawful evil is willing to speak the same language as everyone else.


I think we’re not over the hill yet. This thing of “post-factualism” is getting bizarre. As in Trump claiming the biggest electoral college win since Reagan (plain false), or blaming all his recent troubles on Obamas legacy. And Hillary, for whatever reason.