People need to see that for the bullshit it’s worth. We’re talking, what does it actually mean for betsy devos to be SoE? It means she’s the head of a department she has no idea how to handle. But who has an extreme interest in making the government give cash to her religion.

That’s not “draining the swamp”, that’s just killing the current alligators, then installing your own, duh.

And people are willing to accept that because they can’t deny people rights for being something they actually can’t change about themselves.


DeVos is now also responsible for the education of the future american generations. That’s what really scares me. That, and the supreme court being in hard-right hands for decades. Seriously, get rid of that life-long contract thing sometime…


Supposedly the market took a massive upswing right at inauguration.


Because if anyone goes on about his defects he can blame Obama, then when called out ‘well you defended that Kenyan by saying he inheetrd a mess from bush.’


I can’t help but mention, the fucking president is anti-vax. Anyone who tries to read him differently is just not paying attention to what he’s said for decades.

That could kill us all, due to influence on “token policy”.

As far as I can tell, the republicans are willing to sacrifice public health for money.


Oh, I know. He also had private talks with RFK jr and Wakefield about “health topics”. As the saying goes, it will get worse before it gets better. You people thought Bush the lesser was bad? Well, prepare to be surprised.


Have you ever seen what infantile pertussis looks like?

Cuz I’ll tell you: I looks like it hurts like a motherfucker. And definitely causes permanent damage. And we can nearly eradicate it in the human population. And protect those who can’t be vaccinated due to harm that would come to their physical body.


It’s obvious to everyone that this says “EXPERIMENTAL” above the door into the experimental test aircraft he’s touring right?

This is required to be displayed prominently on all experimental certificated aircraft in the US.


Have they not seen ‘The Thick Of It’?

That episode gave us the word ‘omnishambles’:

you’re also fucking mental. Jesus Christ, see you, you are a fucking omnishambles, that’s what you are


Something we could have eradicated? This thing.


I’ve used that image in the past here to prove a point.

They said I was lying.

Because history is a complete lie even though if you were a geologist or archaeologist or paleontologist, or a historian, you’d ignore the evidence everyone else could call you out on in trivial ways?


Why would the president fly on an experimental aircraft, though?


Fake news. All fake. Everyone knows it. It’s true. All of it. #lügenpresse


He didn’t? He just took a tour of the new 787-10.


I believe that he did, it just seems less than smart.



“Following Friday’s big reveal, Boeing says the jetliner will be prepared for flight testing.” – Fox News

"Unveiled Feb. 17 at Boeing’s North Charleston, South Carolina, plant—with U.S. President Donald Trump in attendance—the initial aircraft is one of three test aircraft that will be involved in the program. The first aircraft, ZC001, is expected to make its maiden flight in March…"


I thought the Airforce One was supposed to be super-hardened and tested many times before the president gets on board. Shows what I know.


How about systematically.


What? AF-1 is the same 747 it’s been for a long, long time. The new one isn’t going to be ready for a long time yet. That is not what this is.


Ok I’ll be that guy. I don’t really mind. We’re only playing, it’s kind of funny…

“I voted for Trump but now, after seeing this blog post, I’ve realized what an idiot I am. I should have voted for Hillary. Please forgive me, I’m not very educated and I was being fooled. Now I realize the errors of my ways and that you were right the entire time. I also feel responsible because I helped elect a Hitler wannabe that will F up America and the entire planet, and that’s a cross I have to bear forever. Now that I see I’m wrong, I have to help convert others that were like me. That they need to come over here and see what the best America is really supposed to look like?” That’s what it would sound like right. Or of course I could be completely wrong, I’m just one guy.