Why psychiatrists aren't supposed to say Trump is a narcissist


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Yeah, imagine one of those psychiatrists went on record and only labelled him “narcissist”…


I don’t have a degree in psychology or a specialty in psychiatry - my undergrad is a BS in business administration and graduate is a MA in social change - so I will go on the record saying Trump is mentally unfit to be president of the US.

C’mon, thin-skinned Cheeto, sue me!


IANAP - but that guys nuts. Clinically nuts. You can quote me on that.


I don’t know this through personal experience but I believe that over at Fox they have psychiatrists that will say the darndest things. Where are they on this issue? I’d bet they’d be willing to say that he’s NOT a narcissist. That’s pretty much the exact same breach of professional ethics isn’t it?


Sounds responsible.


A narcissist? Come on! Would a narcissist put his name in big, gold letters on everything? I mean, this is the same guy who was too modest to hire a publicist!*


  • Trump 2016!


Only at the Sharper Image.


NPD is a diagnosis.

Narcissistic is just an adjective.


That is more like Histrionic Personality Disorder than NPD

Now we’ve gone from saying that we shouldn’t say that Trump has a psychiatric disorder to saying he has two. I’d better stop.


I’ll join you. I have not one but two degrees in English (I can read the shit out of some Prufrock – very lucrative). So with my qualifications as a rational human with eyes, ears, and semi-functioning brain, I go on record as saying unfit is the kindest word we could use to describe his mental state.


But - calling him a “short fingered vulgarian” is still professionally ethical?


Fortunately, the rest of us are free to “diagnose at a distance.” In fact, as voters it’s OUR DUTY to do so.


I think everyone in the world is aware of this diagnosis. The thing that decides whether you vote for him is whether you are one yourself or not.


I label tRump as an absolute douche bag, there I said it.


Oh you English majors, and your tedious arguments of insidious intent.

Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right – Michelangelo!


We WERE talking about measuring our lives with coffee spoons. But as we all know, there is no spoon.


Although the diagnosis of MAD can not be found in the DSM IV or V there are still many people who are quite MAD = Major Asshole Disorder.


Well, I don’t know what happened to your spoon, but I keep mine in my trouser rolls. Makes it much easier to eat a peach properly, while walking upon a beach.

Wait, what are we doing here again? Ah right – figuring out how to advise a prince. But when all is said and done, would that have been worthwhile? I think I’ll go and listen instead to the singing mermaids.


Why? He hasn’t. :wink: