When tech leaders meet with Trump tomorrow, here's what they need to tell him


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If there’s one thing tech has proven is that they LOOOOOOVE money! Boy do they love it. I predict a hardy “YESSIR MR TRUMP!” will be the gist of their “talks”. I would be grateful to be proven wrong.





Two things I want to know after it’s over. Did Trump demand an NDA, and Did Trump threaten every company that pushes encryption? All I really want is a transcript, not “reporting”.


l’d be impressed if the tech leaders or anyone could tell Trump anything – at least, tell him and have him absorb any of it in a non-mangled way.


On the off chance that the tech execs would push these issues strongly on #nextpresident, to him they’d sound like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoons. But supposing he was, in fact, the “like, a smart guy” as he claimed to be in regard to the intel briefings, he’s still advised by people like Peter Thiel and Brandt Hershman who are all about enclosing the commons and disregarding the on-line privacy of anyone who has less than $1 billion in the bank.

Despite any good intentions they may have, for the execs this meeting will end up as big a waste of time as the one he had with media executives: a ring-kissing and score-settling ceremony that’s almost medieval in nature.


What if we explained Net Neutrality to him in terms of his ability to order new wives? :thinking:


At this point, telling him things isn’t what’s important. That’ll get you nowhere. It’s more about not telling him things. Such as “what type of poison they put in his coffee.”


Just lie to him. He seems fairly gullible and easy to manipulate. Ask Putin.


I think you’re wrong!

…they’ll barely be able to get a “YESSIR MR TRUMP!” in with all the slurping on his ring that they’ll be performing :frowning:

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