Trump and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey held a closed-door meeting

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Any meeting that doesn’t consist of Dorsey giving Trump a giant envelope with a “you’re banned” postcard inside it is a complete waste of everyone’s time.


Technically, does a co-ordinated doxxing and harassment campaign run by Nazis count as “conversation, not silence?”

Part of Twitter’s freedom of speech (and part of yours, part of mine) is the right to decide not to support certain views, voices, or values.

I believe in freedom of expression, but I fear cute mottoes like “don’t be evil” and “conversation, not silence” turn out to be bland, progressive-positivist cover for shallowness and a lack of gumption.


I’m actually surprised that Trump hasn’t previously privately spoken with the guy in charge of the media platform arguably responsible for his public communication. He literally relies on a free social media app to communicate with the world and only now has invited its CEO to the White House? I’d half expect him to make Jack Dorsey his new Secretary of State.


Best possible outcome:

  1. Dorsey bans Trump for being a fascist bigot.
  2. Trump retaliates by telling his followers to leave Twitter.
  3. All the other fascist bigots leave Twitter, improving its quality by 1000%.
  4. Dorsey gets hit by a truck, because why not.

Probably wants to renew his “request” that Twitter block users. I’m not sure what a face-to-face will do in that regard, other than allow the covert delivery of some overt threat to Dorsey.


Don’t give him any bright ideas.


Note the timing on this:

  1. someone just announced that they’re running against Trump in a primary.

  2. Trump has been making more and more noises about not leaving office.

  3. Twitter has been one of the few ways people in oppressive regimes have been getting word out to the wider world.

  4. Twitter is good at circulating things. Like links to copies and screenshots of documents like the Mueller Report.

  5. Jack has been floating ideas about changing how Twitter functions.

There is no way Trump wants word to get out to the rest of the world when things go sideways. He does want a propaganda firehose that lets him fire off quick soundbites. He wants a way to zero in on dissident voices. Twitter can give him those things.

Facebook won’t, because Facebook has no interest in kowtowing to a single government. They see themselves as more important than that. Their surveillance is designed to benefit them… Anything else is a side-effect.

Jack, however, seems to like cozying up to the government, and is probably hoping for special treatment under the regime.

I use Twitter… cautiously. We’ll see soon enough what happens. But this is definitely something to watch.


Twitter: kill it. Kill it with fire.


the two were to discuss “the health of the public conversation on Twitter.”

Uh huh. Ok, what were they really talking about?

Yeah, that’s probably it, isn’t it? It’s going to be demands of censorship of contrary voices and/or passing on the personal information of users to the Trump campaign or Trump-friendly government agencies. There’s zero possibility it’s not going to be for completely malevolent purposes.


All I know is if I ran Twitter, I’d have banned Trump ages ago for many, obvious reasons. Let him find his own platform.


Trump wants email addresses, phone numbers, and ip addresses of his critics on Twitter.

The NSA or someone has something on Jacky-Boy. And Trump has pulled on it once, and Trump just pulled on it, again.


Jack is probably gonna give a list of leftists on Twitter that made Screaming Orange mad.


So I was particularly intrigued by one bit in Oliver’s interview with Monica Lewinsky last month:

She suggested there was a feeling of empowerment associated with blocking one’s haters and critics. So perhaps that is why Twitter endures at all: while one may face harassment from strangers, one also gets to feel good about personally and swiftly banishing them from one’s attention. It’s certainly the only explanation I’ve heard that makes sense.


They should of invited Tim Pool lol

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Maybe they were discussing how Twitter could restore deleted tweets so as to preserve the presidential correspondence record for future examination. Maybe.



How many times do you think Trump called him ‘Jack Twitter’?


All of the times.


Trump is afraid of losing this medium to spread his lies.