Famous stolen rockabilly bass found after over 40 years

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I know some will say that it should be excused because it was 40 years ago, but that confederate flag in their performance hasn’t aged well. Wasn’t okay then and isn’t okay now. I can’t help but wonder how the bandmates view their choice of stage decor in the present day.

The fact they’re being remembered for a mildly interesting story about a missing stand-up bass and “energetic performance” instead of their passive (?) endorsement of white supremacy goes to show that white folks have it easier.


No one move a muscle as the guitars come home.


I thought that initially too.

Although the singer is from east-London, and doing an Elvis impression. They’re also kids. I’m not sure they truly grokked the cultural context.


dang, that story did not go the way i was expecting.

I like roackabilly, but an all white band playing under a confederate flag and I immediately stop listening.


Why did Merv Griffin insist that the Confederate flag be in the background? /s


This is what is known as “everyday racism”.

This article is directed toward Australians, but the concept still applies to everyone.


@Clive_T Your last link imploring one to go read the article, goes to the youtube video.

I guess I am out of NYT reads, so I will just assume they were reunited at last.

Corrected link for the “rest of the story”:

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Unfortunately not, as of yet. The pawn shop owner wants $500 for it, and Smutty (now living in Iceland) doesn’t have $500 laying around to buy his own bass back (and doesn’t feel like he should buy his own bass back, it’s his)

I was secretly hoping this story involved a Rockabilly Bigmouth Bass.

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