Fan-made DIY Daft Punk helmet even comes with WIFI


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I’m having trouble finding words for how badass that thing is.


Need help? how about some stuff like “Extra” “Minty” “Cool”


Have you tried writing them down?


I thought at first sight it was referencing Orlando pulse, with the rainbow lighting and the pulse symbol on the side, but no one seems to mention it, so either it goes without saying or there is no connection.

I guess the latter.


That is beyond cool…


… It’s like a costume store punched a hole through the cool-badass continuum, somehow acting as an accumulator for all of coolness and badassery, then returned to the world coalescing in a liquid drop on the featureless, indifferent surface of a perfect block of supercooled electric sex.


Words don’t seem to failing you at all, at the moment…




:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

all i can muster


Very cool!
Volpin Props made very good replicas in 2012 (The “Guy-Manuel” and the “Thomas”) and he even sells basic shells, I believe.


Daft Punk has had that rainbow design on the helmet for years. But I do think the ear-dome pulse thing is new. Doesn’t show up in Interstella 5555 when Daft Punk makes their cameo, but that’s animated of course. And I don’t really notice it in any of the music videos.



Don’t worry. In less than a decade, they’ll be available on ThinkGeek for 99.99 plus S&H.


I try not to swear in BB but. God damn that thing is fucking cool.

I’m a huge fan and i’ve always lusted over replica helmets like these.


The thing that gets me most, is that I could totally see myself not only wearing this at work, but also getting away with it.


I want one. I don’t know why but does it matter?


they should make them into bike helmuts
totally shocking when you hit the ground


Cobra Commanders says, “DISCO! NOW!”


Watched the video, and the only thing I can think of is “Holy Sh*t”