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I share the name of a visual effects guy/supervising animator who works at Industrial Light & Magic. I just got some fan mail intended for him today and I felt bad for the kid who sent it (how many people take the time to write out letters on paper anymore?) so I penned this response:

"That wasn't me, was other guy with same name"

Aw, that was sweet of you. I like the chocolate chip wookie especially. :slight_smile:


I actually have that guy’s contact info. I’ll email it to you.




You are a super awesome person :innocent:, and I’m sure the fan will enjoy your original artwork. (I know that I do.)


Cool, I’ll send a follow-up letter then.


I kind of like Ironman (“Don’t get me steamed!”:laughing:)


While these are not the sketches the young person was looking for, they are still fantastic!

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