Fantastic camping mattress: Thermarest LuxuryMap


I’ve recently discovered cots, specifically the low ones with the wire legs you bend and insert into rails. Add a layer of egg crate (or slightly deflated cheapo thermarest knock-off like I do) and it’s the most comfortable camping sleep experience I’ve ever had (I take it with me to hotels as well, as I sleep better on the cot than hotel beds). I’d likce to try the Thermarest backpacking cot as well, but it’s awfully expensive. The cots are especially nice for wet weather, as you (and you’re sleeping bag) are up off the floor.


Interesting! I suffer from a bad back at times and I love how firm the VW foam is, on both the lower bed and the upper bunk. I sometimes go sleep in my van in the garage if I am having a bad night.

Regarding Thermarest mats: Don’t roll it up and shove it in a closet. Only roll it when you’re traveling with it.

The foam inside is only doing part of the job, but if you keep it squished up and rolled all the time, it’ll do none of the job.

I keep mine under my bed, along with my nice sleeping bag that I also don’t want permanently squashed.

Roll-a-cots are the most comfortable portable sleeping gear I’ve ever used. They roll up smaller than that thermarest, and I recently slept on one for a year, and never really wished I was sleeping on something better.

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