Easy to use, light to pack: Air Chairs for the beach or camping

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These look great but be aware of cheap copies using plastic bag lining instead of parachute fabric. You can’t easily inflate the cheap copies.

I highly recommend the little Helinox chairs. They fold up small enough that I carry one hiking.

If sitting on a rock or root branch is that distressing to you, maybe you should’t go camping in the first place?

Parachute fabric is not actually airtight. These all have plastic bag linings on the inside, and they’re not hard to inflate. There is a drawback though - many of the product pages say they’re good for the beach, and when we did that, some sand got inside and micro-punctured the plastic liner, effectively ruining it. Replacement liners are available for between $2 and $10 depending on where you buy them and how many you buy. That was easier when these were all one size, but it’s harder to match now given how many variations on shape and size there are.

The Helinox chairs are great, but also a lot more expensive and it’s disappointing that they only come with a 3 year warranty. REI makes similar ones that are not quite as nice, but are cheaper and come with a lifetime warranty.

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Sorry, my mistake; the single layer ones are “TPU-coated nylon”.

What’s wrong with being comfortable while camping? I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. Are we supposed to start fires with two sticks and hunt everything we eat as well? Where do you draw the line oh Great Gatekeeper of Camping?

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