Sit comfortably in the great outdoors with the Loungr Inflatable Chair, now 22% off

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So this is different from this one?

How many inflatable hammock/chairs can the market support? We shall find out!


I too would like to know the connection between these products. I actually thought Kaisr was the “original” and would be loathe to buy any possibly-illegal knock-off. But maybe the Kaisr folks didn’t come up with the idea - maybe this is just something that gets cranked out of a factory in China with a bunch of different names on them. That certainly seems to be the case, given how many different versions there are on Amazon. Or maybe the Kaisr folks just licensed the design and took their millions and went to the beach. I don’t know, but given how poorly rated most of these are, I wouldn’t take the chance.

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I think that the difference is that “loungr” doesn’t get any results on Ali. But search for Kaisr and Lamzac and get at least a hundred results, starting from $30.


Hey if you buy ten you can get em for $27 a piece including shipping!

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Impossible. If it’s called Loungr, it must be a website. (Or maybe a Norse god.)

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Good point, I would look like an asshole if I was the only one sitting on one!

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Buy the pink one for your next adult re-birthing experience!


More like if you were sitting about two feet from the end of one, I think.

So, uhm, how often do you have to get up and re-inflate these things? I don’t generally think of light, thin nylon, ripstop or not, as being air tight the way vinyl is. (I know it can be made to be less air permeable, as used in kites, parachutes and hot air balloon envelopes, though.)

By scooping air into the envelopes, it pulls the mesh material tight. You then take the open ends and roll them together to help seal the envelopes, You snap the buckle and it keeps the ends fairly well rolled together making it mostly airtight. It will leak air over several hours.

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