Relax on something that looks sorta like a Rover from 'the Prisoner' would if you could relax on it


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You are number six. Please enjoy your stay.


You coulda had this gem, but I did a fast pass edit on the post. Lemme know if I’m not helping. I like mine better.

HEADLINE: Take a load off wherever you are this summer with the Air Hammock - now 54% off

Summer is a time for sitting outdoors. At the park, on the beach, in the pool—people just love to sit and chill in the summer. We do, too, and that’s why we’re excited about the Air Hammock. This portable, durable inflatable chair is easy to take with you anywhere and inflates with just a few scoops of wind.

Wherever you go this summer, you’ll have a place to sit. Save 54% on the Air Hammock now in the Boing Boing shop and get your summer started right.



Enh I can delete my post if you like that better. I am easy.
ETA Or wait you made the change to the Prisoner headline? Maybe I just need more coffee?


Why? Number Six can’t have a relaxing bag of air?


Is it my use of the colloquialism “coulda” that is messing things up?

“You could have had this gem (i.e. the content below is what could have been posted,) but…”

Trying to be clear in Boing Boing Store-landia is hard work!!


Ahh yeah. Just not awake enough to parse it well. I need food more than I need more coffee too.



Yeah one of those mornings for sure.


As discussed elsewhere, plz to be giving @popobawa4u the job.


Not… Hammock…


A “hammock” should not make you sweatier than you would be just standing there. On a warm day, the last thing I want to do is relax into the breeze-blocking hug of a giant plastic bag.

On the other hand, props for any and all Prisoner references, no matter how strained.


Not the first, second, or third time this has been posted.


Looks quite relaxing to me…


I’d say this terrible attempt to tie into The Prisoner (which I’d say most of the target audience for this product has never heard of) is so over the top and awful I’m actually kind of amused by it. Not amused enough to want to buy the product, mind you, but amused.


Thank you! Pretty much what I was going for.


I don’t think it would roll that well . . . .


Well, now I know what song I’m gonna have stuck in my head for the rest of the day.


Was looking for Rover footage for a gif. Found this instead.


Ah, but most readers of this site are very aware of The Prisoner, and the rest of the target audience doesn’t matter.