Nutty but useful single-person pop-up shelter for outdoor events

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Oh sure, when it’s got a logo on it it’s a hip new invention, but when I’m at a concert with a garbage bag over my head I’m just some weirdo.


try a Louis Vuitton trash bag next time


About as useful as a trash bag poncho, just more expensive.


I love the built in chair in those things…

oh wait…


Wanted - one of these to test out at Burning Man in a dust storm.



Start a Go-Fund-Me.


I bought a MyPod a few of months ago to use at the drive-in. I bought an extra tarp for it to sit on because it’s not meant to sit on gravel. The hooks for the roof cover are useless because the hook holes on the shelter are too small, but I think I’ve found a good work-around with 6 inch reusable gear ties. I use small bar weights and larger reusable gear ties in lieu of the tent spikes.

It’s a little tight inside, but that’s because I can’t find any collapsible chairs with a smaller base, so the chair takes up all the space left/right, but there’s wriggle room forwards/backwards (towards the door and back wall). Still me and the chair fill up the space.

The top corners and a sliver of the top of the movie screen are eclipsed by the entrance if I’m sitting back, but there’s usually not much information there, if I sat further away from the screen (I’m always on the front row near the projection booth) it probably wouldn’t be an issue. There’s no sun to warm it, but just getting out of the wind on a cold night is good. Works fine as a rain shelter too.

I’m sure no one was considering drive-ins when it was designed, so all things considered I’m reasonably pleased.


Odds are I’m the poor schlub with seats directly behind this asshole…


If you’re referring to me, you’re out of luck. The shelter is less than five feet tall . Worry about the guy in the SUV who pops his hatch and doesn’t bother to tie it down.


Shelter is a rather nutty idea, I need a mortgage to make it feel official.

Not directed at you - I don’t think my city even has any drive thru’s left.

No, what I’m referring to is I’m the type of guy who always gets seated behind the 7 foot tall dude with an afro while sitting next to a 500 lb guy and his 300 lb cousin.


If you’re original post has an image it’s not displaying (for me at least).

I did not know that Oscar the grouch joined the KKK

Those things are seriously useless. They are tapered to the top, and there is no awning to prevent rain from coming in onto your lap when the front is unzipped for visibility. So you either get wet, or sit in a steam room unable to see anything clearly. We (stupidly) bought a couple, thinking we’d use them for watching our sons’ soccer games here in the rainy PNW, but they go unused after we realised just how hopeless they are. They might just be useful for someone who has to be out in the weather for a long time and has to only occasionally look (or get) out, but for general spectating, they simply don’t work.

They’re also a bit tricky to fold, and if you get it wrong, even once (as you might do, hurriedly trying to fold them in the pissing rain just so you an get them into your car and go home), the springy steel takes a “set” or somehow mis-adjusts in the fabric sleeves that means they are then nearly impossible to fold.

They’re up in the loft, destined for the trash next time we clean it out.

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Do they make an opaque version for us introverts?


Welcome to BoingBoing. You’ll fit right in.


Why would you want that?

No, they make a one-way mirrored model instead. That way you can see outside and be an introvert.


All those eyes staring at me?