Shark Tank tonight: Ingenious pop-up shelter invented by Pesco's brother


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perfect for those long waits in the pacific northwest woods while trying to spot a bigfoot.


Or camping out in front of the Seattle Apple store waiting for the next iteration of the iPhone.


Interesting solution and worthy of promotion but, how does one not sweat to death while inside? In super humid climes like we have here in Virginia it would either fog up or one would suffocate in the summer heat. Like they say, it’s not the heat it’s the humidity.

AC mower works for me!


[warning: people can still see you, not for pooping.]

if this takes off i could use one exactly for watching kids soccer games on rainy days.


I suppose you’ll have a better view than everyone else too.


That thing is pretty cool, and not unreasonably priced. I like the bench option.

Good luck on Shark Tank!


I was realizing how many times I’ve wanted to stay somewhere to get that one shot, but was going to ruin my camera if I did. And then I saw the camera specific model.


i’m hoping they release a deluxe model with espresso machine and wifi hotspot.




Note to self: Do. Not. Fart.


Whatever happened to being smart enough to come in out of the rain?


Between the wavy plastic and condensation and rain running down the outside, I’d like to see the view from inside the shelter first.

Probably simpler, definitely lighter (and maybe cheaper) to carry light weight rain gear. A good shell and rain pants and you’re set.


Those people had kids.


So you use this to keep your clothes dry, then when it stops raining you fold it up by pushing the wet fabric of the shelter against your nice dry clothes?


Why ever fold it up? It’ll surely rain again later.


I hear that foldable, hooded raincoat ponchos work well also.


Image of you frantically trying to extricate yourself from that thing as six very determined and very fast kids bound after the ball headed your way.



I’m sure there’s a good business in these microshelters, but I’m really looking for the glamping version; plush carpet, mood lighting, reclining chair, satellite tv hookup, wet bar…if I have to go to a kids soccer game every weekend, I want f&#%+!€ box seats.


And just as wet on the inside as if you had stood out in the rain, at least in hot humid areas.

It should surely be possible to make such a shelter with enough ventilation to make it comfortable. After all it doesn’t have to cope with severe weather because, I presume, the event you are watching would be cancelled if the weather were severe.