Ingenious pop-up shelter for people in wheelchairs

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We have a couple of these and find them next-to-useless. The front slopes back, and therefore if it is raining, the rain just comes straight in. There is no extension or awning to protect the opening. Zipping them up just turns them into a sweat box, and the transparent plastic distorts the view too much to be useful anyway.It’s kind of unbelievable. It’s like they never actually tested them in the rain at all. 0 out of 10.

Sitting in a little personal tent while your kid plays soccer in the rain seems like kind of a dick move.


I’m sorry to hear that. I see a lot of people in wheelchairs riding the bus and while there are some covered shelters there are more stops with just benches, or nothing besides the obligatory bus stop sign.

Most have umbrellas but it would be nice to have something to block the wind too.

Hello Winky- We’ve searched our system looking an order from Neil Winkelmann, and can’t seem locate it. Are you sure you purchased from Under The Weather? We’d be happy to refund your money if you return it to us. Nobody should be stuck with a product that has made them so miserable. Our products are ONLY available directly through, Anthem Sports, or a limited number of Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. Unfortunately, there are “Knockoffs” out there, keeping our Patent attorneys busy. I assure you that we test our products vigorously (Please see the video below.)
Please call 513-871-0400 and ask for Rick if we can be of further assistance.


Yep, my wife purchased them from you, so you won’t find them in my name. They’re not knockoffs. I’ll be in touch. And why don’t they have an awning to stop the rain coming in?

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