I can quickly set up this easy-up canopy all by myself

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/07/08/i-can-quickly-set-up-this-easy.html

It is important to note that these ez-up designs may not be strong enough to deal with rain. The rain tends to pool on the cover and that is more weight than they are designed for.

Any weather beyond sunshine and relatively light breezes and I would take the top off this guy. The weight of water would likely tear the vinyl-like cover. It is a sun shade only.

We have Clam brand “Pavilion” model. Pretty crazy expensive but the thing really is amazing and we use it a lot. Completely up or down in a couple minutes. Very sturdy, very roomy, 40 pounds, stakes not required until it really starts to blow but when you do stake it down it withstands gale-force midwestern storm front winds without a care. Zip-down sides make it pretty rain impervious when necessary. All in all extremely satisfying once past the sticker shock.


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I prefer something more stylish.

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I’m looking to get a Clam for camping, but have been put off by the price tag

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