Fantastic chicken, roasted vertically


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Also works great for duck. It’s how I usually smoke duck - standing vertical in the middle of the smoker.

Still trying to figure out what the advantage is over a standard beer can chicken. Especially when you can get a beer can base from a sporting goods store for something like $5.

If you stand in the middle of the smoker with a duck, don’t you get hot?


What if I’m the smoker?


Then you’re not only getting hot, you’re probably getting lung cancer.


hey, i love to smoke duck, its just a hell of a time keeping it lit.


Start the duck off with a couple of wine coolers. That should loosen him up. Then you can move on to the whisky and gin. He’ll be lit in no time.


sir/madame/scallywag, i do like your style :smiley:

in all seriousness a roast bird would be my ‘last meal’, if it ever came to that. and while roasting one vertically absolutely has benefits, I don’t mind a good horizontal in a dry oven. the back skin can get a touch mushy, but everything else is fantastic.

this particular episode of Heston’s is great, especially when he shows how wind/exhaust fans can make absolutely amazing duck.

even with vertical roasting you can run into the issue of the light meat over cooking and drying out prior to the dark meat being done.

That’s so 2014. I’m cooking my chicken vertically in an automated sous vide machine, which is then packed horizontally into a smoker, then garnished with a free trade, no spray, sustainable sprig of rosemary grown in the Andes.


-1 for not be a locovore. Next time, start with a duck you raised in your apartment and garnish with an heirloom strain of rosemary grown in your community garden.


Not cultivated in your 100% organic, home garden? FAIL.


My go-to method for roast chook is to brine it, and roast it in vertically one of those table-top glass fan ovens. Crispy skin, ■■■■■ and tender meat, amazing gravy from the juices.

I only started roasting vertically because I already had a beer-can stand and the chicken wouldn’t fit properly.

You and me both… :poultry_leg:

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It is my greatest synchronous pleasure to relay how delicious the leftover Spanek vertically roasted chicken I’m having for lunch. I roasted garlic in olive oil, and stabbed the fowl multiple times, and filled the wounds with garlic and spices from my six demon bag. I am new to using the vertical roaster. This was only my third bird. The biggest issue I’ve had is making sure I have leftovers. The embarrassment of telling your housemate that you have “no idea” what happened to the rest of the chicken from last night while simultaneously begging forgiveness and promising to make another one next week is humiliating. This is not normal behavior for me. I’m finicky, and proud. I’ve smoked many things, but I’ve yet to smoke a duck. I bet the visuals are wild.

Obviously you have never experienced rosemary from the Andes.

You can taste the craftsmanship.


I have frequently been unable to get any chicken from the rack to a plate. I have devoured chickens on my lonesome and as part of a duo.

confit canard makes smoking duck a worthless endeavor. Why add a flavor to duck when you can simply turn the flavor to 11?


I’ve had their mints. Generally in questionable places.


I thought I was the only one that did that…

and even when the bird makes it to the table, the crunchy bits do not :smiley:

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why did you even put that in my head!? now i know what i’m doing for the next seven hours…

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