Fantastic episode 1977 British music TV show hosted by T. Rex's Marc Bolan

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Fantastic episode 1997 British music TV show hosted by T. Rex’s Marc Bolan


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I once dreamed of watching an old promo for a variety show starring Marc Bolan, but I didn’t know it really happened. In my dream, it aired on ABC and was called “Leave It T’Rex.”

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Disco? That’s not disco. It’s some kind of mutant ska, I think.

Umm, while I am interested in watching a 1977 TV show hosted by Marc Bolan, I am most definitely not interested in watching a 1997 show hosted by Marc Bolan. {shudder}

I dunno, Zombie Marc Bolan would probably have a lot to say about hair metal and about Slash stealing his hat. He’d probably starve from eating the brains of his musical guests back then, though.


Wow! Great version of “Heroes”, you can really unpack that song from this version. Awesome stuff. Thanks for posting!

I think it went out at around 5pm, in the children’s TV slot (4pm-6pm), aimed at seven to sixteen year olds.

There was a similar show by the Bay City Rollers (Shang a lang). They were awful.

Once upon a time, a long time ago when the Universe consisted of nothing more elaborate than … Marc Bolan.

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