TV news report on the punk scene in Manchester, 1977

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Out’a those seats Monday and into the mosh pit!


I often listen to Radio X Manchester while I make dinner, great mix of old and new.


omg all those great posters on the zine producers walls. i’m dying. and such a young John Peel, amazing! fun stuff.

He would have been 37-38 when this was filmed.

I shouldn’t complain about this, if John Peel was young back then it means I am still young now.


I had to laugh when he mentioned ‘Shitehawk’ - the perfect Manchester description of a pigeon.

The presenter Brian Trueman is an absolute legend. As well as being a local TV journalist, he was a writer and voice actor, mostly working with the animators Cosgrove Hall. He wrote Jamie and the Magic Torch, Chorlton and the Wheelies and much of the original Danger Mouse (for which he also provided the voice of Stiletto Mafioso.
He was also a writer and voice artist on Cosgrove Hall’s “The Wind in the Willows”, for which John Squire, later known as the guitarist from The Stone Roses, worked as a prop maker. Trueman is as much “Mr. Manchester” as Tony Wilson.


well, i suppose i should say “young compared to the John Peel i was used to.” and anyway, 37-38 really is young.

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