Fantastic hand-crocheted E.T. costume for 2-year-old


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omg this is too cute. I can’t even


Four days? Damn she works fast!




“He is freehanded and made with no pattern.”

Oh, she’s not talking about the boy, is she?


And when he’s an adult he’ll never forget to phone home once in a while.


That’s some serious knitting skills, right there…


Crochet. One hook instead of two straight needles, and totally different output. But yeah, I agree. Creating that in four days? Holy shit.


Give it a name; the end result is still the same.

She made that up out of her head, with no advanced pattern and got it done in 4 days.



My finger joints ache just thinking about it.


You’re right, it is amazeballs! Crochet is great for freehanding; if you can picture it, with a little trial and error you can make it. Knitting is just too fussy to freehand something like that, imo.


I can do neither, so ‘it’s all Greek to me.’



Youtube, my dear. Was taught to do both as a child and thought I could just pick it back up, just like riding a bike, right? Nope. Youtube tutorials are the bomb!


I also learned both, forgot both, then picked them up last year during a particularly brutal winter. Now I understand why old ladies get arthritis.


Do you throw the yarn or go continental? Continental is much easier on the fingers, less movement. :grinning:



I go continental, out of necessity.


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