Fantastic short documentary on movie sound effect artists

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Very pretty. But I found myself annoyed that while they stuck with only the foley sound, leaving out the “sound effects” layer such as ambient noise, wind, motor boat engines etc., they added gull cries, which are not foley. So the director of the video was being inconsistent. While the intent may have been to emphasize foley, instead they managed to make foley seem a bit silly and unrealistic.

Foley, sound editing and automatic dialogue replacement are amazing. I was blown away at the time to find out that all of the sound in the 90s TV show Northern Exposure was created in post, including the dialogue, which was re-performed and recorded in a sound booth. (They did record reference audio on location, they just didn’t use any of it directly.) Back in the 90s that was a step up in TV show post production.


When they’ve done their job well, you won’t notice they’ve done anything at all.

Back as an adolescent I was enamored by an attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (then MGM Studios) at Disney World. The Monster Sound Show (which was shuttered years ago - 97, I see). As I remember it, the audience of guests were shown a short film (couple minutes long). Then a small group of volunteers got to enact the foley sound effects to a silent play through. Finally, you got to watch it again with the volunteer audio played over. This was often comical due to mis-timing of effects.

It seemed really cool to me, and I kinda wanted that job for a little while.


This reminds me how much I don’t really know as much about what things sound like as my brain believes. How many sounds do I only know Foley versions of?


Whinny! Craaaaaaw! Baby laugh!

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Howie Scream!

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It’s so annoying when even in Game of Thrones they use the same sounds from the common library, unaltered, seemingly within seconds of the last one.

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Word. I wonder if they used the Tantrum Scream? Wilhelm is just too mainstream these days.

I need to know who did the sound effects for that film of sound effects being made.

That film had two foley editors. Were the foley effects we saw actually live, or were they added in post, and if so, who was actually making them? And is this the right place to bring up my fascinating theory about “Synecdoche, New York”?

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It was very interesting but I had to stop watching because of the music. Why on Earth would you make a film about sound and then play twee, annoying, inappropriate music over the top of it, constantly, throughout the whole thing, so you can’t even hear the sound effects properly?

Been done before and better.


It’ll cost you $2.99 to watch the same thing on YouTube. When did YouTube start doing that?

I disagree. It’s not intended to be a instructional film. It’s intended to tell a story.

Disagree with what, my getting drawn out of the immersion of a fantasy film / show because horses and birds all make the same noise with the same amplitude and length?

I’m sure it doesn’t bother most people as much.

Erm sorry, I meant to reply to @Nathaniel_ who was complaining about the inclusion of the music.

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