Far out Star Trek convention at mall in 1976


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Cue inevitable argument over the ‘Trekkies’ vs. ‘Trekkers’.


Dammit Jim, he’s a doctor not a reporter.


“He’s bleeding, do something, Bones!”

“Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a… wait.”



Dammit Papasan, your gif cuts off the best line: “That’s more uncomfortable than the uniforms.”


Don’t pick on me because I’m old and fat!

Ha Ha Ha!


Why do these old analog films have to be digitized before uploading?

We lose so much of the grain!

You can hardly tell that this film was once analog anymore, it’s so clean and pure. Ugh.


Amazing how thin most of the people were.


I went to a Star Trek convention in Boston in 1976, when I was 12. As I recall, it was a slightly more professional affair, at a hotel with conference rooms and a large dealer’s room. Man, I was a hardcore Trekkie in those days.


hooray for geek history being preserved! i was expecting the reporting guy to ask if that one dude was related t the wookiees from star wars, and then i remembered this was recorded in 1976. what a difference a year made.


Cue inevitable argument over the ‘Trekkies’ vs. ‘Trekkers’.

Nobody argues that anymore. The inevitable thing is that someone will bring it up.


By far, one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen, and I used to work at WalMart…


I need to have that background music playing everywhere I go.

PS: I still have the badge from the '75 convention at the Commodore Hotel.


It’s Scotty, as incomprehensible as ever!


Bur Super 8 does not have a sound track. Was it recorded in parallel on a C-30, or lovingly recreated with crappy audio?


Not to mention the difference eleven years would have made when the reporter might have asked, “Hey, are you John Candy?”


How did they get hold of the evil James Doohan, from the Mirror, Mirror universe?


Sorry, but nope. A version of Super 8 was release 3 years prior to when this was shot, that had sound capabilities, via a mag strip along the edge of the film.