Far out t-shirts that celebrate the SETI Institute!


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Not sure why the S needs to be inverted. In a roundabout way its spelling itself as Zeti, also having it as a regular S with the question mark punctuation but above it makes it an open ended question, which thematically works better (aka: ¿).

Sorry for being a pedant, i actually really dig the shirt and i’m musing out loud about the graphic design of the shirt :slight_smile:




The shop is worth checking out. The T-shirt designs are good, there’s a “Space T-Shirt of the Month” club (resist, resist…), and even better, there’s an EP, “Songs for Chop” by They Might Be Giants – which they recorded in 2003! Fun fact: that’s about the same time they appeared on the show Home Movies. One of the best episodes of the series :slight_smile:


I miss those days of running SETI@home all night on my beige PowerMac Performa.


Ah the memories. I once blew up an expensive GPU running that. Good times.


Goddamnit. My gradually and unintentionally assembled nerdy t-shirt collection is about to grow.




I should throw more Pis at it.


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