Fashion tips for sartorial improvement


But generally I agree with you.

Is it just me that doesn’t like the ‘man in a hurry’ look with not doing up the bottom button?

Maybe the key to looking good in a suit is being linked with the role of James Bond?

(should I get a Roger Moore safari suit?)


Hey, it’s important to take good care of one’s feet; they’re what keep us all upright and mobile.


I found a number at Kohls that were marked as ‘slim fit’ in clearance. Nordstrom Rack also has good deals quite often. I mean, look at me, I’m a good looking guy but I ain’t ‘slim’. The other thing to do without breaking the bank is to literally find a tailor. I had a great tailor in Scottsdale and it was hella cheaper to take something to her than buy bespoke.

If you are ever interested in bespoke, Indochino is a great entry level (as in that’s what I have :D) place to look at.


Why is this even a question?


I wear these

pretty much everywhere. I should get something dressier but Seattle is quite casual and my ankles love me so much for something with support for them.

ETA I have proper some plain passable motorcycle boots when I ride that to work.


Those make perfect sense for Seattle.


Something more structured but longer. Defined shoulders and a V silhouette will get you there even if it isn’t fitted.


i’m typically in public with jeans, a tie-dye or an infinitee, and a pair of vibram 5 finger shoes. my prescription shades and a ponytail holder that matches my shirt complete the ensemble.


My very favorite shoes are these boots:

I feel great wearing them, but I’m afraid that they disqualify me from being with it and hip. Whatever. They are comfortable for miles and the treads are sturdy as fuck.


@daneel Leaving the bottom button of a coat unbuttoned is a tradition back to Henry the 8th. It is NOT OK to button the lowest button. Ever.
Also: always unbutton the coat when you sit (unless you’re a tv news anchor).


I must have weird arms, because sleeves always do that twisty thing, to the point where I just don’t wear long sleeves. Either tshirts, or rolled up “I’m a politician in a campaign ad” sleeves.


I’m going to be pedantic and awful for a minute. I’m sorry in advance.

“Button down” shirts are shirts that have collars who’s points button down. A “dress shirt” is a shirt where the entire front opens with buttons. The terms are not interchangeable.
Honestly, all you really need is a stack of Oxford cloth button down shirts. Light blue mostly, but other colors are ok. They look great and wear well either ironed and crisp or rumpled and relaxed. Roll the sleeves up when it’s hot- short sleeved dress shirts are an abomination.
Wear a tie. Leave it loose with the collar button undone if you like, but if circumstances call for it all you have to do is button up and you’re a whole new level of class.
By pants that fit. Pleated or flat front, but get the right length. Have them hemmed if they need to be.
Me? Oh, I’m glad you asked.
I wear double-front duck canvas pants almost every day (Taylor Stitch Camp Pants). I wear a Oxford cloth button down shirt with a tie almost every day (shirts are often Lands End Sailrigger, but are sometimes bespoke. I’m spoiled). I wear leather shoes (often a pair of 60’s Florsheim Imperial Longeings in Shell Cordovan, but sometimes a pair of Jeans Shop pigskin captors).
This is my uniform, essentially. Easy, versatile, and works well for me.
Your mileage may vary. Etc.

[edit because i can’t type so good]


He probably just couldn’t do it up.


@daneel That is absolutely the case.


With you on short sleeve dress shirts. Not a fan of button down collars (I wanted to call them Oxford collars, but the internet tells me that’s wrong), and definitely not with ties. Don’t like loosened ties either.

But I’m hardly one to talk because I dress pretty casually most days right now because I’m rarely in the office with any of the people I work with. I do quite like dressing up a bit when the occasion allows though.


I am coveting those boots SO HARD. I have a serious weakness for shoes, and boots are my favorite kind of shoes. A great pair of shoes makes the whole outfit better!

I don’t even have any idea what is with it and hip right now; I just wear what I want.


On the contrary, I think those are quite cool, especially if they are well made.


OT, but - Do you think they photoshopped his cheek bones?

I also don’t like that knit tie on him.


Probably. His face doesn’t really look human.


Well, duh, he’s an alien from another world… :wink: