Fast food furniture


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Ketchup or mustard stains?


This can’t be new – certainly not new enough to justify whatever price tag they’re attaching to it.


“Floor Burger (Giant Hamburger)” Claus Oldenburg 1962


Would you still sit on that couch if you knew how it was made? :thinking:


They actually did a really nice job not just representing the foods, but fully converting them into pleasant furniture-like patterns and shapes. I was expecting some textures lazily stretched over shapes, or something garish and plastic-y.


I think they were trying for a Chicago Style Hot Dog with that couch but they got the pickle wrong. That could cost them sales in the Windy City.


That’s a rare work of art…

Oldenburg’s works always look to me like they’re made out of non-food materials. That’s even more true of the ones I’ve seen in person.I don’t mean that as a criticism, though, since I suspect making “fast food” that only sort of resembles food is part of the point.


Agreed. My guess is that Oldenburg’s choice of material was intended to convey just that; A sense of the fast, cheap, easily reproduced qualities of fast food. In context, Warhol was cranking out his Cambell’s Soup Cans in 62.

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