FATE magazine - publishing 100%-true, woo-free articles since 1948


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Oh, these are gonna make some awesome flyers with a little shooping :smiley:

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Yknow, if this was all the porn you had, it wouldn’t be half bad porn.


I have most of these! A few years ago, when I actually had cash for books, I bought an insane collection of Fate mags from a guy in Canada. It was like $20, plus $60 shipping for a crate of several hundred issues. Mostly from the 1950s to early 80s. Definitely a fun read.

I was always a fan of “TRUE: THE MAN’S MAGAZINE” when I was an undergraduate. I did lots of Cold War history sorts of stuff and whenever I needed a go-to primary source of the seriously unhinged, yet completely earnest anti-communist craziness, I made sure to dig out Cal’s microfiche of this sort of pulp rag. Great stuff.

Why aren’t those guys in the rowboat waving back?

What a couple of snobs!


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