Father of Larry Nassar victims attacks him in court: "Let me at that son of a bitch!"


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Nassar later filed a complaint against the father, but it was dismissed.



Not sure this needed to be reported. Obviously what the father wishes cannot - and should not - be granted, but his anger is understandable. The court did it’s job of restraint and protection, and if anything comes of it later it’s well documented in court records. In general this seems a bit rubber necking. (I’m not totally sold on this, so please suggest why it should be reported.)


Would you say it was celebrity rubbernecking?


Everything that happens in Court should reported and public. Including FISA courts.


Reported in the press vs. public record are two different things.


Everything that happens in Court should be reported in the press.


What this father may not realise is that he’s given us all a satisfying preview of what remains of Nassar’s life: a constant posture of hunched and cramped fear any time there are others around him.


Sorry to say that man should have been arrested and faced jail time. Violent acting out in court no matter if “the court did it’s job of restraint and protection” is unacceptable and sets a dangerous precedent… especially if someone gets off scott free. What if the baliff is a little slower next time?
If we let our courts devolve into Mad Max’s thunderdome we might as well just dissolve the republic right now.
I understand But understanding doesn’t conflate with accepting.


He’s going to be on a segregated unit. Anything else would be defacto execution.


Randall Margraves tried to do what a lot of parents would like to do to Nassar right now. Put in the same position, I think I’d react the same way.


They’re one and the same, at least in the U.S. If a record is public the press can access it and report on it.

What you might be trying to ask is whether cameras (the press’s or the court’s) should be in the courtroom at all in this situation, or perhaps whether the press is making a bad choice airing this footage. Those are separate questions.


An entirely predictable outcome…I’m surprised they put him on display, like that.


I understand. I still doubt someone of his noteriety will have much peace even there.

He was subdued and detained and removed from the courtroom and the judge was very clear that arrest would be on the menu for anyone else who enaged in unacceptable behaviour (including profanity). I’m sure that was warning enough.


All three of his daughters? JHC I can’t even imagine. Hell, If I were a prison guard I’d let Mr. Margraves in for a quick visit. No question. No regrets.


I can’t imagine the anguish of having all three of your daughters sexually assaulted by the same man. His anger is entirely understandable as far as I’m concerned. I hope he and his family get the help and emotional support they need.


Yes but then charges were dropped…so much for rule of law


That’s not justice that’s retribution.


There were mitigating circumstances.


Call it what you will. The bastard does not deserve space in this world.