Olympic doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing gymnasts and other women


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Good. 175 years will give him lots of time to discover how popular child molesters are with other prison inmates.


Is this where I say …


“Just before sentencing Dr. Nassar, the judge read parts of a letter that he had submitted to the court last week, in which he complained about his treatment in a separate federal child pornography case and wrote that his accusers in this case were seeking news media attention and money. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” he wrote in the letter. There were audible gasps from the gallery when the judge read the line.”

  1. That seems appropriate.

  2. “Larry Nassar’s self-serving, whiney statement, in which he claims he is the victim.” o_0 ok, I gotta read that… just out of macabre curiosity.


He complained that listening to the testimony of all of the women he abused was making him uncomfortable. I don’t want to sound too “internet psychologist”, but the guy might be a sociopath.


Apparently one of the victims (I missed which) said, in her victim impact statement, something to the effect of: “the only women you will see for the rest of your life are the female prison guards when they come to your cell to beat you with their nightsticks.” Generally opposed to institutionalized abuse of prisoners, but here I can look the other way, I think.

Of course, child molesters fair very poorly in prison, so I trust his 175 years will be abbreviated.


Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Enjoy your special place in hell.


This shitshow has been the focus of Detroit TV news for several weeks now. I don’t recommend reading his statement. This monster was shielded from the consequences of his crimes for years because misogyny and bureaucratic obstructionism. The judge wasn’t able to conceal her anger throughout all these proceedings. Some of her angriest moments came when Nassar complained that hearing all his victims was hurting his fee-fees.


Do you suppose that Nasser completely understood the full meaning of Congreve’s line and why it might be completely inappropriate in a case involving underage women? (as well as utterly tonedeaf in all instances). And why didn’t his lawyer(s) stop him?


Well, the gallery might have been gasping at his breathtaking misreading of Congreve…but I doubt it.


When do the aforementioned sporting authorities go on trial???




Even in his statement to the court, he can’t acknowledge his guilt, saying “… how sorry I am for what has occurred”: not “for what I did to you”, but “for what has occurred”, as if it were something that just happened, but for which no one – and certainly not him – is really to blame.

I’m sensing just a slight lack of genuine remorse here …


Oh Larry, your cellie is calling!


So… about one year per gymnast?


I wonder what that personality will do to his seemingly normal one while he’s in prison?


Some of the news articles lead me to conclude that he’s still under the impression that his activities were legitimately medical in nature, and he cannot face how wrong he was.

What was he hoping to avoid by pleading guilty? (Or, nolo contendere?)


Well, if you put it that way, it’s bad, but you can only make the rubble bounce so many times.