Father re-creates his kids' sexy selfies in the most ridiculous dad way


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Evil, in the best way possible.


Dad of the year territory right there.


So right about now the kid is in treatment for Terminal Parental Embarrassment Syndrome and is seeking parental divorce no doubt. I love it…the old man is a riot and no doubt highly pleased with himself. Also, though possibly unrelated, thousands of pedo’s have been found dead from unexplained exhaustion.


Dad’s make-up job is kind of sloppy, frankly.


Heh. Well, I guess that’s one way to police your daughter’s sexuality.
(damn I am such a buzzkill sometimes…)


I wouldn’t call it policing really. I’d call it silently mocking. He didn’t say a word. It’s not like it prevents her from doing more photos. She just has to realize that he’ll be copying her. Probably she’s already just snapchatting so he can’t see what she’s up to. And that might be the point even. “Don’t put yourself out there in public, or you might regret it.” I know if I ever have kids, I’d be damn sure to try and teach them not to post photos of themselves on the web. Makes it easier for ID theft, and doxxing, and stalking.


Or maybe one way for a dad to be involved with his daughter’s life. He seems pretty cool to me.


I find it funny, but her photos presented here look a lot more like someone showing off their fashion and makeup skills than your average “here’s a sexy picture of me!” sort of pic. I think she’s showing off her creativity.

Still funny.


She seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about it herself.


Kinda like that “Viva La Bam” show in reverse.
(And a damn good idea to boot!)


Sadly these are probably going to be the least unwelcome unsolicited photos from a middle aged man this young lady is likely to receive…


A Father knows how to play the game. Indeed.


I showed the post to my 13 year-old daughter – you know, kind of a preemptive warning shot across the bow – and her comment: “Not to be rude, but frankly the makeup looks better on her.”


Honestly, her pictures remind me a lot of that east European woman who wants to be the living Barbie Doll.

Not quite so creepy on a child I suppose, but still a bit creepy.


I’m looking forward to this being me.


His eye make-up is not on fleek.


That’s just hurtful. He’s no booger queen, just missing a few blurry filters.


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