Father's Day: Gaiman's Fortunately the Milk


After deliberating for long minutes in the bookstore, I went with the Skottie Young-illustrated edition, even though it didn’t have “Ridiculously bestselling author” on the front cover. Very happy with the purchase.

Gah. Another Gaiman book that I’ll have to get the UK edition of (after buying a US copy already).

Oh well, at least it seems to be easy enough to get the UK edition in the US without needing to pay for international shipping…

Trolling my kids with outlandish, baldfaced lies is the absolute best thing about being a dad. I still look back fondly at my son’s pirate-themed BD party (he was around 6 at the time) where I told a group of about 25 about my exploits with I was a pirate.

Hopefully, one day, they will look back fondly too. Either that or they’ll just think their dad is weird, which I guess is an OK outcome too…

…and yes, my daughter used to believe that I was a space alien…

Maybe when you’re done reading this story to your kid you can explain Gaiman’s open marriage and the dead Scientology student found in the Gaiman family mini.

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