Fortunately, the Milk: Gaiman and Riddell's kid-novel is a tribute to fatherly trolling


“Lie to children, how unconscionable!”

Juuust to get it out of the way.

this is the whole reason I had kids…


Does he explain the stripper glitter in his hair?

Chris Riddell’s pirate queen looks like Xeni.

I always thought that as an adult, and one with an especially subtle capability for deadpan yarn-spinning, it was my job to really bend kids’ minds - tell some real whoppers that they would possibly believe, surely repeat, and ultimately question. I didn’t quite think of it as “trolling” but that does pretty much summarize it. While I don’t consider my mind to be anywhere near as twisted as that of Gaiman, I certainly aspire to be and will definitely be putting this on my reading/gift list.

Respectfully, the comma in the title is essential: Fortunately, the Milk

Also, Miranda Richardson as Queenie from Blackadder.

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