Faucet dispenses water in pleasing patterns






What they need are actual photographs or even better videos of the faucet in action. All of those images are computer-generated, there isn’t a single actual photograph on the whole page.

There is no way that the water streams will be that even and pristine. Surface tension and the Plateau-Rayleigh instability will ensure that the stream breaks up into droplets and such within a short time after leaving the faucet, especially for the 16-hole helix. The others may not break up of the short distance from the faucet to the sink, but they will be much less smooth at the bottom than the top.


Minerals tend to deposit right where they shouldn’t; for this effect to work I’ll have to do some mighty expensive purification.


That would be kind of hard to manage as it doesn’t actually exist. The source article makes it a bit more clear that it’s just a (CAD) design, not an actual product or even prototype. It’s a designer having fun with a design that will never make it out of the computer.


Can we buy it on SecondLife?


Give it a couple weeks.


What about a combination of a suitable surface (e.g. teflon coating), and a high enough flow to carry away the deposits before they form any significant thickness?

Maintaining certain minimum flow is an important strategy for control of fouling in boilers and heat exchangers (and tubes in general).


Not to mention that there is no force that would keep water spiralling after it leaves faucelet. It will just go ballistic in a straight line (looking from the top).


How about a spinning nozzle? You couldn’t make a lattice pattern, but you could make it look like the water was spiralling. That’s probably the best you can do until they produce 3d printer heads for faucets.


Great idea! We’ll call it St. Paul. Let’s wake up PigsEye and have him layout the streets write up the articles of incorporation.


Protip: if the source is “yanko design” it is a rendering made by a student in industrial design school who likely overlooks issues of feasibility in order to render something that looks cool.


Who cares if it doesn’t exist? Is this BoingBoing or a hardware catalog? Reality is overrated.


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