The Leidenfrost effect


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Liquid nitrogen does this at room temperature too.
If you pour some on the floor little droplets will go zooming off in all directions.

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Funny how the developer of the Leidenfrost Maze 's conclusion was that what was good about it was that it would make people who were not otherwise interested in science, interested in it. I was thinking these were the initial steps of some future form of travel.

I wasn’t sure about a 4 min video at first, but the payoff with the mazes was totally worth it.

Cool video.

Now, I understand the Leidenfrost effect. The one that puzzles me is when you see droplets of water running across the surface of the water - e.g. when washing up. Presumably something to do with surface tension… but I haven’t seen a convincing explanation of that yet. Anyone have pointers?

Mesmerising. Reminded me of Funki Porcini’s Atomic Kitchen

This is Really cool! I love when simple concepts give people sweet ideas. Yeah, what they are doing is not really going to help the world much, at least making mazes (LOL). But it is still just cool to see the level of creativity that is coming out of society today.
I just really know that for those of us that still have quite a few years left on this planet, we are going to see some Really Neat Things!!

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