We can't stop watching this oddly satisfying water force field


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Must be from the Fantastic 4 reboot!

The kids enjoyed one of these at Disney’s Animal Kingdom…

(note: not my picture, not my kids)

There was a waterfall behind my friend’s house where - if we could find the sweet spot on our noggin - the upper half of our body would be in a nice air bubble. Always pictured it as what it would be like to have Elroy’s rain coat.


The My Water Can’t Have This Much Surface Tension part of the brain and the Social Justice Witchery Hates My Skim Water Profiteer Genius loci are fighting with the That Won’t Scale/Ben Kenobi Is Not Inside The Milk Jug Switching That Off and Not Everyone Can Work In The Sculptural Water Industry centers (in the Waldorfcampal Gyri.)

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