Jungle Boat skipper gives a tour of the wall around the construction site


Backside of water? Is that… what? What? Is that a medical condition or something? I am very perplexed.

If you’ve even been on the Jungle Cruise - that is part of the tour. You end up going through a mini waterfall and the tourguide always says - if you turn around and look behind you… you can see the backside of water. It is nonsensical, hence the joke. I’ve always loved the horrible jokes/puns of the Jungle Cruise tour. This employee is awesome - what a great way to have fun when you could just be incredibly bored.


I thought my eyes were going when the camera auto-focus didn’t work.

FYI, that is the Magic Kingdom at WDW, not Disneyland.

One time when I went on the Jungle Cruise our tour guide said, “Don’t worry, folks, it’s just animated water.” It was a great joke. Then later when we went through It’s A Small World and went past a “waterfall” made of streamers I said, “Look, there’s real animated water.”



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