Favorite April 1 Jokes

I am not a fan of pranks that hurt, humiliate, or just downright anger people. But there are a class of jokes on this day that I love.

My favorite from years ago was when Are Technica changed their name to Urs Technica, and all their articles had bear puns. I immediately said, “where have you been my entire life?!”.

What is yours?


ifixit’s apple watch teardown


I was hoping they were just going to crack the top off of an apple watch and find it was just a thin plastic shell over a Pebble…

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I work in an office with a shared printer/copier which is visible from my desk. One year I put up a sign that said “This printer now accepts voice commands.” Whenever I would hear someone trying to print something or work the copier by voice command I would have several pages I would print. Saying things like “Speak louder please” “Please press power button” “Please replace paper” “PC load letter”


I was working in Atlanta when Taco Bell took out a full page ad in the Atlanta Journal Constitution to announce that they were purchasing the Liberty Bell, and that it would henceforth be known as the “Taco Liberty Bell.” That’s still my favorite joke a corporation has ever played.


That. Was. Awesome.

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CERN researchers confirm The Force exists. The picture though is the best part.


I got this one from Groupon today:


Posted this on the google Japan video but couldn’t figure how to link that post to here, anyways, This made me laugh today :smile:

I really enjoyed this one. Make sure you watch the video.

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This amused me


This is probably my favourite one.

Tumblrs Executive Suite 2016 was cool too, but this tops it.

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