Favorite movie scenes: In 'Casablanca' Rick treats Ugarte like dirt

They tried, with an updated and Americanized story-line, starring (ahem) Pamela Anderson. It was a box office disaster, with the star winning the “worst new actress” golden raspberry.

But it does the Bechdel Test (which Casablanca does not), so that’s something.

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“Casablanca shows us how cold and hard Rick is…”

I just noticed a few days ago that Rick is sitting in behind the black chess pieces, I’ll bet as some subtle suggestion of the same. Or maybe I’m over-thinking it.

Edit: I forgot the best part. The setup of the pieces was a real game Bogie was playing against someone. Of course, I was looking it up because everything is chess now.


Rick Blaine despises parasites, one of which is entertainingly played be Pere Lorre! Yet, Rick runs a gambling parlor, which is nothing more than a useless, non-productive way to skim money without actually adding any value to his society.

The man is an intellectually contradicting, moral genius!

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my favorite snark scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkM6HegRk3A

Two points - first of all, Casablanca is, in my opinion, the greatest movie yet created. Everything just comes together and gels perfectly. I don’t care that there are plot holes like why would anything like letters of transit even exist - it’s a movie, and sometimes you have to let go of reality a little.

Secondly, and more important than my thinking that Casablanca is such a fantastic movie is that in the second clip, it reminds us of what real patriotism looks like, not like the thinly disguised racism, anti-semitism, nationalistic and exclusionary hatred that we see today.


I watched that movie many, many years ago not knowing anything about it, other than it being some low-brow sci-fi when I was in that kind of mood. It didn’t take me long to say, “Hey, I know this!” The makers earned a little more of my respect for their chutzpah, and I found myself enjoying the ride.

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From deep in the memory banks, didn’t the father of the great Anne Sofie Von Otter, a Swedish diplomat, use his position to provide letters of transit to Jews to allow them to go to safe countries? It seems to have been a thing, at least.