The amazing "Jodorowsky's Dune" on Blu-Ray and DVD for $10


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Reminds me of the opening to “Starman” where there is a similar long shot and the audio is the radio cloud (old TV shows, Radio, etc) extending out from Earth.


“The Greatest Movie Never Made.”


Or you could just rent it with netflix for $8–and you would have netflix.


some people still enjoy physical media. I’d probably be a lot better off if I didn’t have tons of books and movies, but it’s how I’m made.


You get time travel for free as well


Isn’t that Contact?


Might’ve been made at four minutes after nine I suppose.


Jodorowsky’s determination to speak in English is waaay greater than his English language skills.

When I saw the documentary I was muttering all the time “Stick to Spanish, your English is too broken! Subtitles is something that exist!”

Maybe he was in a Language Warrior phase or something like that…


His tweets certainly seem to be mostly - if not exclusively, even - in Spanish.

And it’s weird how “even if not exclusively” is not synonymous with “if not exclusively, even


What I’d really like to see/have is the book Jodorowsky made for the film that they reference in the movie. I would buy that book and they should publish it.


Pretty sure internet streaming technology is proscribed by the Butlerian Jihad.


I want this to happen so much!

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