Strange story of a fake storyboard for Jodorowsky's Dune

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I didn’t enjoy Dune 2 and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just not a great story for film?

I wish Lynch’s dune was much more “Lynchy”, like he he dialed himself back because the story was already weird enough.

Villeneuve’s movies look incredible and are worth watching just for the visuals and costumes. But I have been bored with both, this latest one I found myself wondering why some scenes or even dialogue even existed… random statements that didn’t seem to be pushing the story at all. And then major revelations would land with a thud lacking an emotional response, mostly I just felt sorry for the editor trying to just get the job done.

Jodorowsky’s Dune sounds and looks crazy interesting, but so often in life the fantasy is better than reality and we really don’t know how it could have ever turned out well.

Or maybe the story had its time and place but by now the epic hero journey has been told many times which is undermining the twists and turns that we have already seen before. If this is a problem then I have to blame villeneuve a bit for not trying to reimagine some story plot.

It is!


The thing that makes Paul different than most “hero journey” stories is that he’s all too aware he’s not really a “hero” so much as a harbinger of death and suffering on an almost unimaginable scale, he just doesn’t see any way around it. He even compares himself to Hitler at one point, noting that he is responsible for sixty-one billion deaths instead of six million.


While we’re on the subject, we mustn’t forget these idiots:


Yes, indeed. And it is a fascinating film!

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I think there’s definitely some Beatles Syndrome at play here

If you’ve read the later books in the series, it wouldn’t be entirely out of place for Dune either, though it’s not really in the first book that much (and those books didn’t exist when Jodorowski was trying to make his movie).

Reminds me of how I found it hilarious that the John Carter movie was lambasted as “derivative and repetitive” of so much other scifi.




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