The Dune in our Heads


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Narrative mess that it was, David Lynch’s Dune was undeniably impressive from a visual standpoint.

Except maybe for those Hawkman Underoos.


I saw this movie at a pre-screening that io9 had in SF. It is wonderful. The story is amazing, but I really enjoyed the way that Jodorowsky worked with the people who were his “spirit warriors” to create the vision of Dune. He really inspired the artists and painters who created a world that was never realized in his Dune, but was used by other movies and gave us some iconic worlds.

I also really enjoyed how he worked with the people like Foss, and O’Bannon. The acknowledged how he inspired them and encouraged them. That was something that they both really appreciated. How often do the artists get that in their lives.

The movie is best to watch for Jodorowsky. Tremendously enjoyable man. I will say there is one “diction” choice near the end of the film that was really bad, but given that the rest of the movie I think I understood what he was going for.

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Wow, “sting in metal panties” in 1.

We’re getting good at Dune threads.


For the life of me I can’t figure out why you guys haven’t made that an automated script to do that yet.



You thought the beschizzabot was a real person?

You are so cute!


No one has brought this out yet.


What is that in reference to?

Not that I don’t love it… but???

As for the inspiration/ thievery question, I’d read somewhere that Giger had in fact repurposed some of this concept art done for Dune in other projects, such as the Space Jockey starting out as a Guild Navigator. Was this incorrect?

Of the numerous luminaries asked to appear in it, I need to know if Shirley Marie MacLeod (aka Re Styles) of The Tubes (and of The Holy Mountain) was asked if she’d like a part.

It’s strange, in my opinion Dune is the best movie Lynch has ever made, and I find many of his works nauseating and pointless, and Herbert’s original book a little too longwinded, at times even tedious.

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Saw this at TIFF and it was really enjoyable. Mostly this is because a) The film would have been INSANE, and appreciated most likely in hindsight and b) Jodorowsky is so charismatic and believes so strongly in his vision that you can’t help but be swept up by his enthusiasm and passion.

At the end of the doc, they speak of how maybe one day someone will see the production book and create the film in CG or some other means. It would be something to behold.


No mention of the London exhibition?

It’s in reference to the Dune series of books by George Herbert. More specifically, it is a reference to the fourth book, God Emperor of Dune. This might help.

Edit: oops, wrong GIF

Isn’t it from Reefer Madness? Seems right (both my guess at the reference, and the fact that the people working on the Jodorowsky movie were obviously smoking AMAZING drugs)


Unlike you I enjoy most of Lynch’s work, but I do agree that Dune is much better than people give it credit for. Yes, it’s bonkers and doesn’t make much sense, but in some ways it captures the weird stuff in the Dune Universe better than I thought anything would.


I think it’s actually the opposite of “longwinded”. It’s incredibly parsimonious. Much of what you need to figure out to understand what’s going on is only ever implied.

I have to admit I haven’t read it since I was fifteen or so :wink:


Fair enough, I was about that old the first time I read it. Took me a few tries to get past the first 100 pages and looking back I had no idea what was going on. If I hadn’t read it again a few months ago I’d probably agree that it was slow-moving and longwinded.