Wouldn't it be cool if Dune was an animated series?

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I don’t see why not, every one else has fucked it up.


Yet no duncan idaho? Get out!


Personally, I hate this style, but animating it is a pretty good idea. Then again, it would suck if it was started but not finished.


Betteridge Sez…


And yet, for not being finished, and mucking around with the story, wouldn’t I still rather watch that than Jackson’s films? (especially The Two Towers, the book of which I love, the film of which I hate with a passion). Bakshi’s Helm’s Deep is a million times better.

(his Nazgul are better, too)

(I’m sure @Donald_Petersen will disagree with me)

To stay on topic, I would watch the hell out of a good Dune animated series, rotoscoped or no. And I think it would be improved by being unfinished.


Dune is one of those stories that skims close to the fine line between “This is Awesome” and “This is Stupid”. It needs care.


It couldn’t be worse than the movie.


That link is redirecting (at least for me) to a different Tor post about a T-Rex with a lightsabre. Anyone else?


I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing one based on these images. (I’m certain the artist didn’t get around to rendering everyone’s perennially favorite Idahoan because the artist probably didn’t have an infinite amount of time.)

(Caveat: I enjoy the Lynch film, with its baroqueness and charms. I suggest that those who take the novel more seriously and who can’t see its merits might not be the best folk to ask about animated adaptations.)

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It’s interesting concept art, but this threatens to slip into anime territory and/or just becoming a sort of ‘Avatar; The Last Airbender IN SPAAAAACE’. And I find that nothing chokes the life out of rich, unique stories faster than anime adaptations, or the attention of anime fans.

I don’t get why Thufir Hawat is wearing ‘ceremonial armour’, nor where his legs have gone. I think Feyd-Rautha would be fitter. And I think the Fremen images (although Stilgar looks cool) is where the Avatar/Anime tone really starts to leak through heavily - Alia pitched as the obligatory comical character, and ending up as Little My from the Moomins. They look very generic to me. That said, I’m pretty sure every Dune fan could pick at something in those images to criticise - after all had said their piece, there’d be nothing left.

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Yep. It has an extra t at the end which is throwing it off. But hopefully this should work


Ah, thanks!

Shakes fist!!

/ beat me to it.

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Me too. I wasn’t a fan of the first Jackson film, but ‘The Two Towers’ totally ruined it for me; I still haven’t seen ‘ROTK’ or the Hobbit series. No interest whatsoever.

While you’re at it, why not animate everything based on the storyboards Moebius did for Jodorowsky’s batshit crazy unfinished version? How bad can it get, right?


Oh yes, lets stereotype all fans of an art form that you have such personal hatred over. That is a great way to go.

An animated version of Jodorwsky’s vision would be amazing.


Did I mention defensive?

This is as good a point as any to drop the Geek Hierarchy:

See, anime fans are not even that far down.


My main point I guess is why do you feel the need to be a dick? Why go out of your way to insult fans and an art form? Why do you feel that just because you have personal distaste over said form gives you superiority to harass and insult others?