Favorite tools from the director of Creative Collisions at the San Jose Tech Museum

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Propane Torch:

Invaluable while camping and the fire wood is damp. Wows the little kids too.


No half sizes for the Allbirds? Sorry, but If I’m gonna pay $100 for wool slippers, they’re at least going to be the correct size.

And the torch makes a fantastic non-chemical weed killer that’s pretty much death from above to everything that you don’t want to grow in your garden. However, never use it to remove the bagworm infestation in your fruit tree. You will lose the tree. Trust me, seen it happen. There was a confused look on the owners face when the flames really took off.

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Ether and a lighter.

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$95 is hardly an outrageously high price for shoes, unless you’re used to wearing Chuck Taylors or no-name bargain-bin velcro dross.

Which reminds me that Fluevog is having a surprise winter sale…

If you stand all day (not walk, just stand), which many of us desk jockeys are doing, then that is around the minimum price of entry. My father paid ridiculous prices for Mac tools, but justified it because work all day. My shoes are my investment in work all day.

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