FBI and Airforce in full riot gear raid home of Area 51 YouTube

From my pirate radio days of the late nineties, I remember the FCC conducting raids of similar brutality upon people who publicly mocked their authority. When you poke sticks at the government, you gotta understand that these orgs are staffed by people with easily bruised egos and a sense that the thing they’re assigned to protect is much more important to them than your welfare.


There are more than a few “Area 51” tinfoil hat types that “investigate” the goings-on at EAFB and nearby AFRL in SoCal’s high desert. We sometimes spot them in isolated groups – each composed of several kooks, taking their pics and vids destined for YouTube or personal vlogs. There’s actually nothing spectacularly special to see beyond what EAFB allows the public to see (at least in great detail), and AFRL is located up on a high, naturally inaccessible, ridge gated off from said kooks who appear to have a lot of time on their hands. Inaccessibility doesn’t seem to stop them though from spinning benign info into tales of captured and copied alien tech. One example: AFRL’s few facility-connecting tunnels (for safe, underground access to buildings and structures while dangerous ops take place outside) feeds a persistent kook-narrative that the aforementioned tunnels – being underground – must be harboring secret alien tech and aliens, because – it’s underground!!. The only oddities in the tunnels (apart from the techs, engineers, and scientists who use them) are the few occasional dead bats. It’s a wonder that the tin-foil crowd has not heard of that and used it to prop up the notion of Bat Boy.



I am in diet hell…

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Probably something important, but boring.
Like the time someone accidentally posted the propellers on the submarine.


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