CIA admits Area 51 exists, but won't someone think of the space aliens?


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Conspiracy Theorist: C’mon. I just know you guys are doing secret tests on aliens in there.

Government: Actually we were just doing secret tests on the U-2.

Conspiracy Theorist: You were doing tests on ME TOO??


I guess they’re desperate for anything to distract people from things that actually matter.


How many times do we have to acknowledge it exists? I even remember president Clinton signed a secrecy law back in the 90s to keep the lid on some people who were exposed to toxic materials.

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Suuuuuuure its spy planes. Suuuuuuure it is.

I find it funny that it’s taken this long to admit to something that was, until they expanded the no-unauthorized-access perimeter, clearly visible from the nearby hills.

This story is a nonevent if ever there was one. Everybody knew it existed. The ET angle remains just about as plausible or implausible as you please. There are lots of reasons for believing that no secret ET shenanigans went on at Groom Lake - but the fact a CIA press release fails to mention any is hardly the most compelling of them.

Surprising that it took them this long, until stories of NSA wiretapping started getting out, to reveal the SECRETS OF AREA 51!!! If they don’t nab Snowden soon, we’re gonna get to see the real Zapruder film, maybe even Jimmy Hoffa.

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I don’t know if I ever posted this to BoingBoing before, but…

To cover all the incidences of people reporting “unidentified flying objects” (aka “military test flights”), our military pretended to leak “secret documents” discussing space aliens.

Our military then pretended to cover up these leaks.

This fed into the emergent religion of UFOlogy. And our noisy fringe responded by making so much noise, they obscured any signal the Soviets were getting about our aerospace research.


This is why Art Bell is returning to radio. He knew this was going to happen.


That’s perfectly plausible, but there isn’t any evidence for it that I’m aware of, ie what “secret documents” are you referring to, and what is the evidence that they were deliberately leaked by our military? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not averse to that hypothesis, and suspect that it is probably at least partially true, but you’re making a strong claim (that the military deliberately leaked “secret” documents as part of a concerted disinformation campaign) and should provide evidence for that claim.

The “evidence” is available on the UFOlogy sites - the military documents ordering such-and-so to STFU; the bogus newspaper headlines, etc.

But the technique is standard in psychological warfare. The 9/11 plotters did essentially the same thing when they promoted the “9/11 Truth Movement” - then filled it with noisy disinformation about “controlled demolition.”

Of course there aren’t any space aliens or flying saucer wreckage at Area 51; all that’s still down in Roswell NM!

Back when Obama first got elected, I hoped he’d take a brief break from closing Gitmo and ending warrantless wiretapping and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to have some fun releasing a press announcement about UFOs and Area 51, because as President you can do things like that just for fun. Doesn’t matter if the announcement is to Sternly Deny Everything, Wildly Admit Absolutely Everything, or actually tell the truth (lots of toxic waste from spy plane development), you can have fun either way.

Everyone exists.

My head is spinning.

I remember back around late-80’s/early-90’s there was a plastic model airplane kit (SR-71, I think) that featured a Russian satellite photo of Area-51. There was a bit of blusterous chest thumping from the powers that be, but that just gave the kit a bit of publicity…

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