CIA acknowledges Area 51 in newly declassified docs


I highly recommend the book Area 51 by Anne Jacobsen. She was fortunate to get interviews with several Area 51 workers who spilled the beans because they are too old to give a crap. Lots of interesting revelations, but what ultimately stands out to me was this was where Black projects and Classified government secrets metastasized into the out-of-control MIC we have today.


Nobody has ever denied the existence of Area 51, as far as I know; they just (correctly) denied that it had a damned thing to do with aliens or other woo-woo. Which sounded like a coverup to conspiracy theorists, who “knew” otherwise.


I thought they were going to trot out the little green men to try to distract us from the NSA stuff


What if the NSA IS just a bunch of little green men?! We’ve all been fooled for far too long. Run away! Run away!


Nobody said they had. They just hadn’t acknowledged it; hence this post.

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From all the reviews I’ve read that book is pretty well researched and written overall, but her boldest “revelation”—the famous UFO crash was actually a fake flying saucer built by Stalin’s Russia (or the U.S.?) and piloted by human guinea pigs surgically altered to look like aliens—is both unsupported and frankly kind of ridiculous.

Finally people will stop thinking I’m crazy for mentioning the existence of Area 51. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but many people just tune out once you mention anything that smells anything like one, even things that have substantial evidence for them from reputable sources. Several people I’ve talked to (including my mother) don’t believe in MKUltra or PRISM, because apparently they’re both too ridiculous to be real things.

Back when Candidate Obama had just taken office as President, and was still the Good Obama who was going to stop illegal prisons in Gitmo, prosecute illegal warrantless wiretaps, end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, etc., I thought he should have some fun with all the crazy right-wing conspiracy people by making an announcement about Area 51 and/or Roswell Space Aliens.

It wouldn’t matter what the announcement was; he could have fun messing with people either way, because when you’re president, you can just Do That.

  • Deny Everything, No Aliens, No Area 51, Nothing To See, You can move along
  • Admit Everything - Aliens in the basement, Flying Saucers in Groom Lake, It’s All True!
  • The probable actual truth - no aliens, cold war aircraft base with lots of toxic waste

Yes, it was a Cold War site. There for testing and messing around with all the stuff the military enjoys messing around with. Nearby, Nellis AFB is the home of not only the Blue Angels, but a whole lot more jet fighters. And about 35 miles further out toward Area 51, the Air Defense Command operated a radar site until 1967. Some of those stationed on the site required crypto clearance to do so. And what were they watching? Anything down below! (If you caught anything Soviet already that far inland, you were already well and truly screwed anyway.) Twice each day, the fighters upstairs would break the sound barrier, and teacher in the elementary school would automatically shutup a split second beforehand. Hide from the nukes under you desks drilled occurred monthly, and local civilians built bomb shelters - not anti-alien survival pods.

AFAIK, all the little green guys were limited to Roswell, NM, which was home to Walker AFB until it was also shuttered in 1967. There is plenty people assigned to those bases won’t talk about - but their security clearances required that no matter what.

The interesting thing is, these bases were supposedly closed to free up more money for the VN WAR, but these locations housed military geeks - particularly, Angel’s Peak. The technology employed there was NOT outdated in 1967, and personnel were simply transferred to other sites which employed the same equipment and skills, but watched other potential countries/groups. Like Castro, for example. There were nearly identical operations in Florida. That says that the tech wasn’t dead, only the potential targets and products being tested had changed.

And given that the US military has just about nothing to say as to when aliens can be declared antiquated or irrelevant, you really do have to roll with the way their actions speak to us. Nobody was talking aliens outside of the latest Star Trek episode, and then EVERYBODY was talking aliens. And if there WERE actual aliens, would somebody explain to me why all those guys were still reading sci-fi on the way to and from and sharing their books? Because, that, of all things would simply not happen, if they had any thought of real aliens on the desert floor below.

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Any good conspiracy theorist will tell you that’s “their” doing, as part of “their” effort to discredit conspiracy theorists who know the “truth”.

Well, to be fair, that’s pretty much the case there, isn’t it?

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