Barack Obama asked about UFOs: can't confirm but won't deny

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The only proof I’ve ever needed that we don’t have a UFO stored in a bunker somewhere is that 45 hasn’t posted to his Twitter bragging about how yuge it is. Though I suppose it’s possible the folks who watch over Area 51 just told him the tour ended at the cafeteria and kept the good stuff hidden from him while he ate his second scoop of astronaut ice cream.


Nobody scoops astronaut ice cream! You wat that by the brick!!!

Aside from that, spot on. If I was in charge of the [REDACTED] program, there is no way I would have entrusted that [REDACTED] of a President with the information.


There’s already lots of talk and planning going on right now about how the intelligence agencies will monitor donny smallhands once he leaves office, way too much potential for him to be selling off state secrets to the highest bidder. Then again, once the Manhattan DA and the NY State AG unseal their indictments in late January/February next year it will hopefully just be game over for the fat conman/cult leader and the world can move on and forgot about him. Oh and on the subject of UFO’s…100% legit and real and here. Can confirm.


I couldn’t tell if he was just being cute, or actually didn’t want to get into the issue. (For reasons that would include things that have nothing to do with possible little green men. So many “UFOs” have been classified experimental military aircraft, for example, which means getting into the issue involves not only addressing that, but also interfering with being able to dismiss sightings as “flying saucers,” which has frequently been used as cover by the military to help obscure their programs. Also Obama is extremely cautious, so just revealing the likely reality, “We have no flying saucers, but there are things seemingly flying around and we have absolutely no idea what they are,” he would probably view as unnecessarily alarming.)

The problem is: Donnie is terminally incurious about anything that doesn’t directly impact him. Unless someone told him there were aliens who supported him, he couldn’t be bothered to ask about it, much less retain the information if someone told him.


I’m pretty sure the truth - military secrets and/or actual UFOs we can’t determine the origins of, are under a high classification of secrets and he could be charged for divulging them.


Right. Saying what it isn’t is presumably not classified, but then you have to make some reference to what it is, and that mundane (but classified) reality is what becomes problematic.

Every time a president says something like this (and media breathlessly report on it), it fuels the nutbars for another 20 years.

Who knows why they say things like that, but there is absolutely zero evidence of intelligent extra terrestrial life, nor is there any reason to believe any has ever visited us. Nor is there currently any reason to believe it would be remotely possible with physics being physics. It’s extremely plausible that intelligent life is out there (virtually certain, in fact, based on the math alone of how many planets are out there) but it’s likely none of us will ever even hear from each other, never mind visit. Not unless we’re completely wrong about a lot of physics.

Also, “Unidentified Flying Object” does not mean aliens. It just means a radar glitch or reflection of Venus that we didn’t quite figure out exactly what it was.


To say nothing of whether they would be two meter bipeds who can survive on an M-class planet with this level of gravity.


Occam’s razor seems to indicate that any genuine UFO sightings are very high-tech military plane tests. And also, as it occurs to me, maybe drone tech years or decades before it hit the mainstream.

Just to buzzkill.

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The thing about the “experimental military aircraft” classification that always bothered me is this: they would certainly be beyond the stage of experimental by now. If the anecdotal reports are true (big if) then they’ve proven to be the fastest, most highly manoeuvrable and stealthy aircraft ever now, and whoever owns these babies would rule the world.


I see UFOs all the time. Yeah sure, it was a bird, but I don’t know its genus.


The thing is, all this stuff stays classified long after it’s relevant, though. To a ridiculous degree - I mean, information about the first world war is still classified.




I’ll do you one better. Occam’s Razor suggests there’s no such thing as a “genuine” UFO sighting, if by that definition we mean “flying vessel of technology level vastly superior to ours”.

Given that, like, 50 of these “high quality” sightings have been weather balloons and all the rest are Venus, lens flares, hoaxes, or instrument glitches, the data set is pretty clear. There’s no “there” there and there never was. Furthermore, the world is blanketed with cameras now. If these events were happening, we’d have a decent photo of one by now.

Heck, the original Roswell incident that happened to coincide with the rise of pop sci-fi and thus fueled this nonsense for decades was known to be a weather balloon. There’s no other phenomenon for which one could find this amount of negative data and still believe something is happening.

and /s

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Hey, we can’t have all these advances in trench technology come out now, can we?


May I introduce you to Jenna Ellis?


Longer and deeper?



If it is cutting-edge technology, then it could still be trenchant.